Prints for sale at The Pottery Farm!

I will have several prints for sale in Maple Lake this Saturday, August 16th at the Pottery Farm! There are other great artists also, showcasing their pottery, jewelry, and more. Come check it out!

46 Birch Ave South, Maple Lake, MN

Info here

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Castaway Intersection

I was recently in Texas for my “dayjob” working around Amarillo and the rest of the panhandle area. Before heading back to Minnesota, I suddenly remembered the final scene (and first) from the movie Castaway was filmed somewhere in Texas. I jumped online and found out I was only 60 miles from that spot! Now, Castaway is one of my favorite movies, and being a dork, I had to at least go check it out. Yes, it’s only an intersection in the middle of nowhere (no offense, Texas), but I thought it was worthwhile.

So, heading in the opposite direction of home, I finally found the intersection.

Not the most exciting scene ever, but the ending to Castaway is one of the best endings I’ve seen. It breaks the Hollywood tradition of tying everything up neatly, and leaves you drawing your own conclusion as to what direction Chuck is going to go. The scene also speaks to something inside many of us, who have come to a crossroads (perhaps literally and figuratively), and have a simple yet profound decision to make. North, South, East, or West? I’ve been at several of these intersections, so to me, this is a pretty special place.

If you ever find yourself in the Texas panhandle, and want to check out a (not so) famous movie locale, here are a couple maps to help out.

The ranch house is a couple miles north on the gravel road. I didn’t drive past, as I had another 1,600 or so miles to go. The name of the ranch is The Arrington Ranch, and is apparently a Bed & Breakfast. To complete my dorkdom, I may just have to stay there sometime.

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Wine, Kibbles & Bids

Our dog, Belle, came to us as a rescue dog. Her litter was found along a river bank on a cold Halloween night. To this day, she is still afraid of water, even though she is a black lab mix.

There are so many dogs and cats that need a loving home. Belle has been the best decision my wife and I have made – she is playful, loyal, funny, and loving. We can’t imagine life without her. That is why Strassburg Photo has donated three prints, each 12″ x 18″ and mounted to 1/4″ polystyrene, to Wine, Kibble & Bids – our local Humane Society’s annual fundraising event. If you have a chance to go, there’s great food and lots of silent auction items to bid on, all for a great cause.

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Great Sand Dunes NP

My wife and I road tripped to AZ over the end-of-year holiday season to visit family. On our way back, we stopped at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. We had an amazing time there, even if it was only a day and a half (sadly, we had to get home to make it back to work).

Driving up Colorado Highway 150 towards the park, we weren’t sure what to expect. We kept driving, and still couldn’t see any sand dunes. Where are they?! Finally, we rounded a corner and crested over a small hill, and we had to pull over and stare in awe like the tourists we were.

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